“Global Oil Uzbekistan” is an official dealer of motor oils with its own warehouses, logistics and quality control system certified in accordance with GOST of Uzbekistan. The portfolio of products offered by the Global Oil Uzbekistan group of companies includes leading brands of original oils from the world's largest petrochemical corporations Michang Oil Ind. Co. Ltd. (Micking), Shell (Shell), Winiron, Rowe , Hyundai Xteer and Wulsgen Filters. We guarantee the purity of the origin of each liter of oil we sell, full compliance with the declared characteristics and compliance with the storage conditions for engine oil and lubricants in our warehouses. All oils are delivered to Uzbekistan either by a logistics company or by official distributors, undergo customs clearance and are delivered to the regions by our own transport companies under our full control until the delivery of the supplied batch of oil to our customers. Each large batch of oil that enters our warehouse must undergo laboratory tests of samples for compliance with the parameters declared by the manufacturer, and, only if the parameters comply with the established tolerances and values, it goes into sale. Today we are transferring our high level of technical expertise in the selection and use of motor oils and lubricants from the field of industrial use to the field of personal consumption, we are engaged in raising the level of technical literacy of Uzbek motorists, we are promoting and promoting alternative high-quality oils and lubricants for everyday use in vehicle fleets Uzbek companies and in private vehicles of ordinary car owners in Uzbekistan.
Own warehouses We have our own warehouses by region
Quality control system Quality control system
Certified according to GOST Certified according to GOST
Motor oils - used primarily to reduce friction between moving parts of piston and rotary internal combustion engines. All modern motor oils consist of base oils and additives that improve their properties. As base oils, distillate and residual components of various viscosities (hydrocarbons), their mixtures, hydrocarbon components obtained by hydrocracking and hydroisomerization, as well as synthetic products (high molecular weight hydrocarbons, polyalphaolefins, esters, and others) are usually used. Most multigrade oils are obtained by thickening a low-viscosity base with macropolymer additives.