Winiron TAXI 10W-40

All-weather semi-synthetic engine oil SG 10W40 for engines running on
gas (CNG and LPG) and gasoline engines of passenger cars, minibuses and light
trucks operating in extreme “stop-start” mode, typical for urban
traffic jams and cars working like taxis. Engine oil 10W-40 can
be used all-weather, low oil volatility will not allow the oil level to decrease
engine oils

Улучшенная защита от отложений и шлама
Высокий уровень текучести при низких температурах
Стабильные сказывающие и вязкостные свойства
Надежная защита от износа
Применение For vehicles operated in difficult conditions!
Density at 15C0,868
Kinematic viscosity at 40 C116,96
Kinematic viscosity at 100 C15,24
Viscosity index136
Pour point-30
Total base 6,4

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