High quality oil For your Car We offer engine, transmission, hydraulic and compressor oils from brands such as ROWE, Shell, Micking and Winiron. Oil, air and cabin filters from Wulsgen Filters - automotive filters. Products
Global Oil Uzbekistan“Global Oil Uzbekistan” is an official dealer of motor oils with its own warehouses, logistics and quality control system certified in accordance with GOST of Uzbekistan.
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Large set Engine oils and filters

Company news

Hyundai XTeer Antifreeze Coolant RED, a new type of canister.

HYUNDAI Xteer Antifreeze Coolant canister: now the label is made in shades of red.

Global Oil has signed a contract with the famous R3 auto tuning in Uzbekistan!

In April of this year, Global Oil signed a contract with famous blogger Farid Akhmedov (R3 Auto Tuning) in Uzbekistan!


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