Micking CF-4 20W-50 Mineral

The MICKING POWER GOLD API CF-4 Diesel Motor Oil series is formulated from a high quality base. reserves and advanced additives producing a high quality diesel engine oil that offers the best performance. This multipurpose diesel engine oil is suitable for all heavy duty, modern high speed turbocharged, non-turbocharged diesel engines designed for high performance heavy duty driving and extreme conditions.

Key features and benefits
Advanced anti-wear additives extend engine life, maintain engine power Excellent detergency to help protect against sludge and cylinder buildup Outstanding thermal and oxidation stability Protect against rust and corrosion Provide excellent shear stability throughout the entire oil change interval Excellent stability at high and low temperatures.


Улучшенная защита от отложений и шлама
Высокий уровень текучести при низких температурах
Стабильные сказывающие и вязкостные свойства
Надежная защита от износа
Применение For diesel Auto!
CF-4 20W50SAE

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