MICKING ATF Series – Fully synthetic automatic transmission oil with a high reserve of properties. Excellent wear protection and good friction characteristics. Guarantees flawless operation of automatic transmissions even in the most difficult operating conditions and maximum protection against corrosion. Improved formulation increases transmission life. Compatible with most seal materials.
High performance synthetic ATF that complies with worldwide OEM standards. Formulated from high performance synthetic base oil and carefully selected additives including friction modifiers, detergent-dispersants, oxidation inhibitors, viscosity modifiers, corrosion inhibitors and defoaming additives.

Features/Benefits Excellent temperature stability and minimizes oil evaporation. Reduces oxidation and increases thermal stability. Guarantees viscosity under all climatic conditions. Provides smooth operation of the mechanism during low temperature operation. Optimized friction properties and superior wear protection. Recommended for use in automatic transmission used on most cars, trucks and road vehicles. Exceeds the technical requirements of the largest automatic transmission manufacturers. MICKING ATF III is a fully synthetic product. Factory fill for Hyundai & KIA Motors.

Улучшенная защита от отложений и шлама
Высокий уровень текучести при низких температурах
Стабильные сказывающие и вязкостные свойства
Надежная защита от износа
Применение For automatic transmission!

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