Winiron SAHARA 20W-50

Mineral all season engine oil SF 20W50 for gasoline and diesel engines
and for natural gas (CNG) engines, made from
high-quality components using modern technologies, which will provide
excellent engine wear protection in hot climates. Also suitable
for high mileage engines.

Улучшенная защита от отложений и шлама
Высокий уровень текучести при низких температурах
Стабильные сказывающие и вязкостные свойства
Надежная защита от износа
Применение For gasoline and diesel engines!
Density at 20 C0.887
Kinematic viscosity at 40 C159.2
Kinematic viscosity at 100 C17.68
Viscosity index122
Pour point-26

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