Winiron SUPER DIESEL 15W-40

Winiron Super Diesel 15W40 engine oil – this oil is also used in diesel and
gasoline engines, in all seasons (without turbocharging and with it).
Has a high temperature quality, which improves tightness and compression
engine. The additive package protects engines from corrosion, wear and contamination.

Улучшенная защита от отложений и шлама
Высокий уровень текучести при низких температурах
Стабильные сказывающие и вязкостные свойства
Надежная защита от износа
Применение For all heavy vehicles (trucks, buses) - construction machinery - SUVs
Density at 20 C0.875
Kinematic viscosity at 40 C124.61
Kinematic viscosity at 100 C16.04
Viscosity index137
Pour point-31
Total base 8.4

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